No Greater Time

#NoGreaterTime is a collaborative music project created by a group of Trinidad and Tobago's most celebrated musicians, in partnership with Together WI. The aim of this project is to rally our citizens to collectively create a more peaceful, prosperous and unified Trinibagonian society. 



Using this song as a vehicle, featuring over 35 of our country's most talented and notable artists, we hope to inspire citizens of Trinidad and Tobago to engage in acts of kindness in their daily lives. Together we will create the world we wish to live in.

Stay tuned to your local radio for #NoGreaterTime, and go to for updates and events. 


Leave Me Alone Campaign

Leave Me Alone is a campaign using Calypso Rose’s 2017 song “Leave Me Alone” to bring attention to Gender Based Violence within the Carnival space. We partnered with SaySomething and CariMAN to launch this campaign on 14 February, 2017, where we went to the Brian Lara Promenade and asked the general public some questions related to street harassment and violence against women.

Photography by Maria Nunes

Photography by Maria Nunes

We are asking everyone to use the hashtags #leavemealone #leaveshealone to share stories of your experiences of street harassment and violence during Carnival and also of positive moments when you felt defended or protected by your Carnival community. And we ask you to share your thoughts about how we create change and also to encourage men to hold their friends, brothers, family, and colleagues more accountable.

Leave Me Alone & Leave She Alone are rallying cries against those who harass or want to control women, and they are also serious calls to all of us, especially men, to step up and help us create safe spaces and a safer Carnival for women. #TogetherWI are standing up for the protection and celebration of our women. Join us!

Leave She Alone PSA


TogetherWI in collaboration with SaySomething & CariMAN with One Caribbean Media & AmchamTT are highlighting the male voices standing up against sexual harassment and gender based violence. 

Unity in Color

Together we stand in solidarity to show our support for Women's Rights. We acknowledge our past as we move towards a collective future inclusive of women of colour, transgender women & men, women with disabilities & women from all ages, religious faiths and backgrounds. We wear yellow & gold as a nod to the colours of the early American feminist movements, while expressing our hope and desires for the movement today. Different cities worldwide have joined the #unityincolor movement and we're proud to share the #POS #Trinidad edition: #TogetherWI.

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As the first Caribbean country to participate in this project, we pay homage to the Caribbean feminist movement and recognize the importance of acquainting ourselves with our own history. The diversity of ethnicities, cultures and politics that collided in the fight for Women’s Rights in the Caribbean provides context for the struggles that continue today, and gives us renewed focus on the road ahead. 

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Inception by Jasmine Solano
Creative Direction by Kibwe Brathwaite & Anya Ayoung-Chee for Together WI
Photo by Kibwe Brathwaite 
Produced by Together WI
Assisted by Michele Jorsling Photography

Shot at the Treasury Building